In 2022, Iran Becomes a Testbed for the Real Democratic Alternative

Freedom Star

MEK Resistance Units inside Iran
MEK Resistance Units inside Iran

Originally published at the PMOI website

One of the main characteristics of 2022 is the acceleration of the socio-political developments and the escalation of the confrontation between the Iranian regime and its opposition. This is reflected in remarks by Ebrahim Raisi as the regime’s president and the elimination of the so-called reformist faction.

The regime’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei had hoped Raisi would be able to curb the increasing protests. Now, one year into Raisi’s presidency, we see that Khamenei’s “Young Hezbollahi Government” has failed to reach its intended goals.

As the regime continues to sink into disarray, the more prevalent question is what the “alternative” to the regime would be like. This has become an important political issue today.

This is the reason why the regime and its intelligence service have started to portray the deposed and disdained Pahlavi regime as it’s the only…

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